Friday, August 2, 2013

Stampin' Up! 25th Anniversary Convention 2013!!!

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Stampin' Up!s 25th Anniversary Convention in Salt Lake City Utah!  This was my first convention and it was such an amazing experience!  
First I attended the convention with my Fabulous and oh so sweet up line, Becky Lambie!  I am also so blessed to call her a dear sweet friend that I am privileged to have in my life!
That's Becky in the foreground

We had such a great time!  There was so much to see and do, never a dull moment!  I will be sharing with you some more pictures of my experience in the next couple of days.  Blogging is new to me so I will be figuring it out as I go along!  Thanks for your patience!
Thank you for coming to my corner of the world today!


  1. Oh Donna, I am so happy you went to convention. I was moving my stuff from my house so couldn't go like I wanted to. Maybe next time. Your blog background must be from MDS. I am scared of that. LOL! Get some pics on here girl. Hugs, Bev

    1. It is from MDS. I am not real good with it yet but I like playing around with it! I will be posting some cards soon!